After sales services for Software license holders

This page gives you information about Ozeki after sales services. These services are avaiable for our customers, who own a software license. On this page you can find information about the version update service and different leveles of technical support and other services, such as system diagnostic or installation and configuration. These services are provided on-line through various communication channels, such as e/mail, ticket system, chat and remote desktop applications.

Comparison chart

As a quick introduction, you can compare what the most common support sercies provide. By default 6 month version update and a 3 month standard technical support is provided for all our customers after they purchase an Ozeki software products.

  Version update Standard support Silver support Gold support
Version update
Access to
Technical support in e-mail
Technical support tickets
Technical support in chat
Technical support over the phone
= Included
= Not included
Optional=Ask for a quotation via e-mail

Version update service

This service allows you to update your system to the latest version. Ozeki regularly releases new software versions for it's products. These new versions provide bug fixes, improvements and new features. Customers subscribed to the version update service, can update their installed products to the latest software version. For example if you are have installed Ozeki Software v10.1.1, you can update it to to v10.1.2 or to v10.2.2 or to v11.3.3 or to any new version.

This service is charged on a yearly basis. Please ask for a quote.

Technical support service

The purpose of the technical support service is to answer technical questions you may have related to an Ozeki Software Product. You can ask technical questions by opening support tickets at The Ozeki support can only be used by those who have registered their purchased Ozeki product on the website. Learn more about Ozeki product registration.

Our engineers will help you by providing you the information you have requested. Often it saves time to ask an engineer to point your team in the right direction if they wish to setup a service, give API access to a business application, or to manage users or system load. Our engineers are here and will do their best to help our customers get the most out of their Ozeki products. In the frames of technical support, we often create customized documentation with step by step instructions for a certain task. We often record videos that demonstrate the configuration steps to help the customer replicate the steps in their own environment.

There are three level of technical support: standard, silver and gold. The difference between these services is the level of access to our support staff. For standard technical support, you may open support tickets. If you have silver support you get direct chat access to the engineering team. Gold support customer also receive telephone access to the team.

This service is charged on a yearly basis. Please ask for a quote.

Using Ozeki Chat in a technical support session

You may also contact us on Ozeki Chat. Before using Ozeki Chat in a technical support session, you need to register on since we provide access to the Ozeki chat for only registered users.

The following links explain, how you can get in touch. Information on how you can setup Ozeki Chat on your mobile(Android and Iphone), on your webbrowser or on your desktop can be found on the following URL-s:

How to use Ozeki Chat form an Iphone mobile
How to use Ozeki Chat form an Android mobile
How to use Ozeki Chat form a Webbrowser
How to use Ozeki Chat form a Windows desktop

One of the advantages of installing the Ozeki Chat App on your mobile is that you will get notifications about changes to your support ticket requests and you can easily get in touch with the support staff.

Installation/configuration service

If you would like help from one of our support engineers to login to your system remotely using a remote console application (teamviewer, remote desktop, anydesk, etc) to help you with system installation and configuration or backup and restore, this is the service you need. You can also use this service if you need tehcnical assistance in changing the configuration of your system.

This service is a 2 hour remote session with one of our support engineers, where you communiate using chat and interact through a remote console.

This service is charged on a per event basis. Please ask for a quote.

System diagonostic service

If your system is not operating as expected, you can order the system diagnostic service. The purpose of this service is to find out what is causing the problem you experience. In the frames of this service you need to tell us the problem you face related to your Ozeki Software installation, and one of our engineers will work with you, to find out what is causing the problem. During the diagnost session, he might ask for log files, and if needed he will ask to login to your system remotely. The purpose of this service is to identify the cause of the problem you face. The problem could be related incorrect configuration, exhausted resources (e.g.: disk full, network latency, etc) or issues related to communiation with 3rd party services and software. Once the problem is identified a solution is proposed to resolve it. This service does not include the problem resolution. We simply tell you what is the problem, and if appropriate provide a cost estimate for the problem resolution.

This service starts with a support ticket, where you explain the problem to an engineer and provide the details with screenshots and log files. The support engineer might request further, more specific information. If it is a common problem (e.g. a firewall configuration issue), you might receive an URL for a documentation that helps you in resolving the issue. If it is not a common problem, the engineer might request a chat session, and possible a remote desktop session, to identify the problem. The goal of this service is to identify the problem, and to identify what is causing this.

A diagnostic session usually takes between 1-10 days depending on the problem. Once the problem is identified a report is provided explaining the problem, with suggestion(s) for the resultion.

This service is charged on a per event basis. Please ask for a quote.

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