Android sms gateway

What is an android sms gateway

An android sms gateway is a text messaging software for android. An android sms gateway, such as Ozeki Android SMS Gageway, uses the gsm modem in the android phone to send incoming sms to the PC.

How does an android sms gateway work?

An android sms gateway runs on your Android mobile phone. It subscribes for incoming SMS events in Android, and if an SMS comes in, it forwards this incoming sms messages to the PC. It also listens for SMS messages sent from the PC. If an office user, or a business application send an SMS from the PC, the Android SMS gateway forwards this messages to the recipient as an SMS over the wirless mobile network.

PC users can connect to the Android SMS gateway using a webbrowser, or they can use a client software, such as E-mail clints (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail), or they can use an Ozeki SMS Client application, such as the Ozeki Excel SMS Client, that is used to send SMS messages directly from Microsoft Excel. Office users can use these clients to send SMS messages and to receive SMS messages, so they can engage in conversations with clients or employees using SMS.

The Android SMS gateway offers Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) for software developres. Software developers can use these APIs to write code, that connects to the Android SMS Gateway and sends/receives SMS messages.