How to create text message templates and send SMS messages using them

This comprehensive guide walks you through the step-by-step process of creating and utilizing SMS message templates within the Ozeki SMS Gateway. You will gain insights into creating new templates and saving them for future use, along with the convenience of loading these templates into the SMS composer. The use of SMS templates unlocks numerous marketing benefits for businesses and organizations, enabling them to enhance their SMS marketing strategies, engage with their audience more effectively, and achieve better results from their campaigns. By following these easy-to-follow steps, you can streamline your workflow and elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your documents, simplifying your SMS communication process.

SMS message template

Send predefined SMS template messages through SMS Messenger, which is connected to the Ozeki SMS Gateway. These template messages can be efficiently delivered to mobile users directly from the SMS Gateway through the Android SMS Gateway (Figure 1).

sms template
Figure 1 - SMS message template

Create new SMS message template (video tutorial)

Explore this video tutorial that walks you through the process of creating and using SMS message templates with the Ozeki SMS Gateway. Gain insights into applying these templates to effortlessly compose and send SMS messages. Discover how these templates can enhance your SMS communication process and enable effective tracking of sent messages for streamlined and efficient communication (Video 1).

Video 1 - Create new SMS message template

Begin by logging into your Ozeki SMS Gateway account. If you do not have one, download it from the website. Once logged in, open the "SMS Messenger" icon on the Ozeki Desktop (Figure 2). Upon launching the Ozeki Desktop, you will encounter the main interface of SMS Messenger—an user-friendly tool designed to ease you into using your Ozeki SMS Gateway account.

Open SMS Messenger
Figure 2 - Open SMS Messenger

Navigate to the "Templates" menu on the toolbar. Locate the "Templates" menu icon among the toolbar icons at the top of the page and click on it to open the Templates menu (Figure 3). Upon clicking the corresponding icon, the composer field will appear on the page, allowing you to create your new template for text messages.

Select template menu
Figure 3 - Select template menu

Select the "Create new SMS Templates" button located at the top of the SMS Templates page, highlighted in blue. On the right side of the page, input the template details into the "Template text" box. Beneath the field, monitor the number of characters in the message. Once completed, locate the "Ok" button and click it to save your newly created template (Figure 4).

Create new sms template
Figure 4 - Create new SMS template

Click the "OK" button to confirm and complete the template creation process. This action will present the successfully saved or applied templates. The template, along with any modifications you made, will be visible and ready for further use or customization (Figure 5).

Message template created
Figure 5 - Message template created

To compose a new message, select the "New" menu from the toolbar. As the new message window appears, enter the addressee's phone number in the designated recipient field, ensuring accuracy. From the drop-down list of templates, choose the template that best aligns with your message's content or purpose (Figure 6). Select the desired template that suits your messaging goals and click on it.

Select message template
Figure 6 - Select message template

Click the "Send" button to complete the message creation process (Figure 7). Prior to pressing "Send," carefully review your message for accuracy and clarity. To avoid unintentional errors, double-check the recipient's phone number, the message's content, and the selected template.

Send message
Figure 7 - Send message

Once you have sent your message, select the "Sent" button located on the left side of the panel. Upon opening it, you will be able to view all the text messages that have been successfully sent (Figure 8). Make use of the features available in the "Sent" section to effectively track the messages you've sent. This ensures that your communication efforts successfully reach the intended recipients.

Messsage sent
Figure 8 - Messsage sent


What is a template in SMS?

An SMS template is a preformatted message template created to store content and settings, facilitating easy creation, saving, and reuse in the SMS text messages you send.

How do I write SMS content?

Prioritize conveying crucial information clearly, emphasizing the message's purpose or a call-to-action. Refrain from unnecessary abbreviations that may cause confusion, and consistently review your message for clarity and accuracy before sending.


This comprehensive guide, accompanied by a video tutorial, furnishes detailed instructions on the creation and utilization of SMS message templates through the Ozeki SMS Gateway. It provides a step-by-step walkthrough on effectively using SMS message templates, covering the creation, saving, and application processes to streamline SMS communication. The guide emphasizes the marketing benefits of SMS templates, underscoring their potential to elevate SMS marketing strategies. By following the straightforward instructions, you can simplify your SMS communication process and harness the advantages offered by SMS templates.