Best SMS Gateway in 2024

New year, new SMS Gateway? These are the opprtiunities that you should take advantage of in 2024.

Faced with the question "what's the best SMS gateway for 2024?", the first sensible response is "what do you want to use it for?" That's because the 'best' sms gateway software for your business or the the SMS service you wisth to provide, for example, will be very different depending on the capacity requirements and the coverage you need to achieve. An SMS gateway that's suitable for mobile service providers ,and business sending several million SMS per month is different from the SMS gateway for companies who wish to send only a few hundred or few thosand notificatios per day. Bulk SMS service will only consider IP SMS capable SMS gateways that run on Windows or Linux servers such as the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, while on-line marketers, logistic corporations sending out notifications about deliveries or customer services that send out about appointment reminders will likely go for an SMS Gateway runing on an Android mobile phone?

As a result, this 'best' SMS gateway roundup covers different use cases and SMS gateway platforms to provide an overview of the cream of the SMS gateway software market. As always, though, individual requirements and preferences will vary, so when choosing the best configuration check out other similar gateways, examine the specifications and price points, download the manufacturers' trial versions to see how the offered software product is working out in practice, get hands-on, if you can, to get a feel for the ergonomics and, of course, do some performance testing to make sure the system will be availble the sustained load you will put to it.

SMS Gateway hardware performance in 2024

The performance of an SMS gateway is related to the underlying hardware's capacity. In 2024 the Android mobile phones available on the market are as powerful (or sometimes even more powerful) as PCs or servers runing Windows or Linux used to provide SMS gateway services. Many Android mobile phones offer quad core or ocata core CPUs running at speeds of up to 2-3 GHz, and many offer 6, 8 GB of RAM or even more. They have built in fast SSD storage and excellent power consumption ratios.

Best SMS gateway for SMS service providers

SMS service providers use two main SMS gateway configurations. They usually have a centeral distribution server (or SMS router) setup in a secure server hosting facility and they have several network access servers (or SMS gateways) distributed accross multiple countries for local mobile network access. This setup allows SMS service providers to achieve optimal SMS tariffs and a broad access accross the world. The two types of systems usually communicate through SMPP with each other the SMS router in the center is responsible for delivering the messgae to the appropriate network access server.

For a centeral SMS router a platform that has excellent routing capabilities and load balancing capabilities is required. For access servers direct network access capability is important. Direct access capaibilty can be achieved either through wireless access to the mobile network (e.g. throgh and Android SMS Gateway or through an IP SMS connection over the Internet to a local mobile network operators Short Message Service Center (SMSC). For the later the Short Message Peer to Peer protocol (SMPP), the CIMD2 protocol or the UCP/EMI protocol can be used. SMPP, UCP, CIMD2 connections are based on the TCP/IP protocol and often use Transport Layer Security (TLS or SSL).

Figure 1 - SMS Gateway architecture for SMS service providers

The Ozeki SMS Gateway platform in undoubtably the best SMS platform of 2024. It offers a powerful solution for creating a centeral SMS router, because it offers smart efficient routing, that can operate at speeds up to 1000 SMS per second. It offers load balancing, which it can aggregate the capacity of several independent SMS links and treat them as one. And it offers smart delivery report matching, which means that it can match delivery reports to their corresponding messages even if the delivery report comes in at a different link.

The Ozeki Android SMS Gateway can be used as a Mobile network access endpoint for networks that reuquire lower capacity links. This type of access gateway can be setup and operated at a very low cost. It has the advantage of getting accessing multiple networks using different SIM cards without the need to negoitating a contract with those networks.

A smaller capacity version of Ozeki SMS Gateway can be used as a network access server for networks where direct connection the SMS Service Cetner (SMSC) of a local mobile network operator is needed. The advantage of the Ozeki SMS gateway in this role is that it implements all the major protocols used by network operators all over the world for SMSC access including SMPP, CIMD2, UCP/EMI and HTTP. Ozeki SMS gateway can provide these protocol implementations over TLS, SSL connections and VPN links.