How to send SMS free of charge

Yes it is possible. You may send SMS messages free of charge from your PC. This guide gives you information about how this can be done. In short, you need to install the Ozeki Android SMS gateway on an Android mobile phone running Android 9 or later, and you need to connect to it from your PC using a webbrowser.

What is the trick?

While on-line SMS service providers often charge for SMS messages sent or recieved over the Internet. Mobile network operators now offer plans and subscription with free and unlimited text option. The trick is that you purchase a SIM card with such a plan and you install the Ozeki Android SMS Gateway software to your Android Mobile phone. Such as SIM card costs GBP 1 (yes, one pund) in the UK, plus you need to topup a minimum amount of GBP 10. That is all the cost you will pay.

When you purchase the SIM card, look for the "unlimited text" option in the advertised mobile phone plan.

Free SMS - Vodafone UK

Go to any Tesco store in the UK and get a SIM card with unlimited texts. Fore example you can choose Vodafone SIM cards because they offer umlimited free SMS messages (Figure 1).

Send SMS free of charge from your SMS Gateway
Figure 1 - Send SMS free of charge

Free SMS - O2 UK

O2 UK also offers unlimited free sms messaging from your mobile phone (Figure 2). Similar plans are available from other providers as well.

Figure 2 - Send SMS free of charge with O2 UK

Once you have a SIM card with unlimited text plan, and you have installed Ozeki Android SMS gateway to your mobile, your business applications can connect to your Android Mobile phone using the same connection methods you have used to connect to On-line SMS services (e.g. HTTP API, SMPP, etc.) and you can send SMS messages free of charge.

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