Incoming SMS Gateway to receive text messages

Understanding how an Android SMS Gateway receives text messages is important for developers and businesses because it enables automated handling of incoming messages. This capability is crucial for applications needing to send automated responses, notifications, or process user inputs efficiently. By grasping how SMS gateways work, developers can harness these tools to enhance user interaction and streamline communication processes within their apps.

What is an Android SMS Gateway?

An Android SMS gateway software allows you to use the SMS capabilities of an Android phone from your computer. Android phones communicate wirelessly over networks like GSM, 3G, 4G, and 5G, making them efficient for sending and receiving SMS messages. Installing apps such as Ozeki Android SMS Gateway on your Windows or Linux PC lets you send and receive SMS messages directly. Businesses that communicate with customers via SMS or need to route messages across networks can benefit from Android SMS gateways because they often offer cost-effective SMS tariffs on SIM cards compared to other options.

Benefits of using an Android SMS Gateway

Device compatibility: Any Android phone running Android 9 or newer can be used. For a list of supported phones, please visit the system requirements page.

Cost efficiency: Sending SMS messages can be done on standard network tariffs. Many service providers offer unlimited SMS messaging for free when sent from an Android phone.

Quick setup: Your Android SMS Gateway can be up and running in less than 5 minutes. There is no need to sign contracts with online SMS service providers. Simply install the software on an Android phone, and your system is ready to send and receive SMS messages.

Compatibility: The Ozeki Android SMS Gateway includes a built-in SMPP server, allowing multiple business applications to connect simultaneously without interfering with each other. Applications can also use HTTP and other APIs to connect to the mobile phone.

No Internet needed: The Ozeki Android SMS Gateway operates directly on your mobile phone and doesn't require an Internet connection. It functions as an on-premises solution, working wherever there's mobile network coverage.

Freedom of choice: Operating your own SMS Gateway on a mobile phone makes it easy to switch providers by swapping SIM cards. If a better plan or network operator becomes available, simply change SIMs without interrupting your business applications.

No extra charges for incoming SMS messages: Ozeki Android SMS Gateway does not charge extra for receiving SMS messages. This can save a lot of money, especially for businesses that get many SMS messages from customers.

SMS Messages can be downloaded into Excel table: You can automatically download and save incoming SMS messages into an Excel table using Ozeki Android SMS Gateway. This is helpful for businesses that need to keep records of messages, analyze them, or follow compliance rules. It makes it easy to manage and review messages in an organized format.

Automatic reply functionality: The gateway can automatically send replies to incoming SMS messages. This is great for businesses that want to respond quickly to customer questions or send automatic confirmations and notifications. The replies can be customized based on the content of the incoming message or set rules, improving customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Configuring Android SMS Gateway

Step 1: Install the Ozeki Android SMS Gateway app

Download and install the Ozeki Android SMS Gateway app from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Open the app and grant all necessary permissions to allow it to send and receive SMS messages.

Step 2: Connect to the web interface

On the main screen of the app, note the IP address and port number. Open a web browser on your laptop or desktop computer and enter the IP address and port number to access the web-based interface.

Step 4: Configure SMS settings

Use the web interface to configure settings for sending and receiving SMS messages. Set up your phone number, message templates, and any necessary parameters for SMS operations. Customize automatic replies if needed.

Step 5: API integration

If you are integrating with other applications, configure the API settings to allow HTTP, SMPP, or other API connections. This ensures that your business applications can communicate with the SMS gateway seamlessly.

Step 6: Test the configuration

Send a test SMS message using the web interface to ensure the system functions correctly. Verify that incoming messages appear in the interface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use dual SIM phones to send SMS messages?

Yes, with the Ozeki Android SMS Gateway, you can use dual SIM phones to send SMS messages. The software detects both SIM cards and sets up two SMS connections automatically. You can manage which SIM card sends messages using the routing table for cost efficiency.

Will I have a record of all SMS messages sent and received?

Yes, the Ozeki Android SMS Gateway offers comprehensive logging. You can save all sent and received messages in a text file or log them into databases such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. The logs include sender and recipient numbers, message content, timestamps, and details about the route and service provider used.

Does the Android SMS gateway provide delivery reports?

Yes, the Ozeki Android SMS Gateway effectively manages delivery reports by receiving notifications from the mobile network about SMS delivery status. This feature keeps businesses informed about the success or failure of their messages, supporting all APIs with HTTP requests for successful deliveries and detailed SMPP connections for comprehensive reports, including error codes for failed deliveries.


An Android SMS gateway is a helpful tool for businesses and developers because it allows them to receive text messages automatically using software installed on an Android phone. This technology uses the Android phone's strong network connections across different types of networks like GSM, 3G, 4G, and 5G to send and receive SMS messages smoothly. By installing applications such as the Ozeki Android SMS Gateway on a computer, businesses can efficiently manage messages, enhance customer interaction, and benefit from cost-effective SMS tariffs. This setup simplifies communication and ensures businesses can respond quickly to customers.