Send unlimited SMS using your Android mobile phones's SIM card

Effective communication is crucial in today's world, and SMS is a reliable way to reach people quickly. The Ozeki Android SMS Gateway app transforms your Android phone into an SMS modem, enabling your Windows PC to send unlimited SMS messages using your phone’s SIM card. With this app, you can easily send SMS from applications like Microsoft Excel or automate SMS notifications for your business. This simplifies how you stay in touch with customers, employees, and suppliers, making communication more efficient and effective.

What is Ozeki Android SMS Gateway?

Ozeki SMS Gateway for Android is an app that turns your Android phone into an SMS modem. With this app, you can set up automated SMS services on your Windows PC. Once installed on your phone, your PC can connect to it over WiFi to send SMS messages through your mobile network. This allows you to send SMS from Microsoft Excel or other Windows applications. You can also automate SMS notifications for your business to keep customers, employees, or suppliers informed.

Technology behind Android SMS Gateway

Foreground service:

  • The app runs as a foreground service on your Android device, which ensures that it remains active and functional at all times. This constant operation means you will not miss any messages and can rely on the service whenever you need it.

Reliable 24/7 service:

  • It provides a dependable SMS gateway service around the clock, 24/7. This reliability is essential for businesses that need to maintain constant communication without any interruptions.

Built-in SMPP server:

  • One of the standout features of Ozeki Android SMS Gateway is its built-in SMPP (Short message peer-to-peer) server. SMPP is a protocol used by the telecommunications industry for exchanging SMS messages between SMS entities. The built-in SMPP server allows for high-speed, high-volume messaging, which is essential for businesses with significant SMS traffic.

Powerful APIs:

  • The gateway provides powerful APIs that allow seamless integration with various applications and systems. These APIs enable developers to create custom solutions and automate SMS sending and receiving processes, making the gateway highly versatile and adaptable to specific business needs.

Supports Windows and Linux PCs:

  • The gateway is compatible with both Windows and Linux PCs. This means you can use it with a wide range of systems and applications, making it versatile and convenient for different setups.

Text messaging from office applications:

  • The app enables sending and receiving text messages directly from Office applications like Microsoft Excel. It also supports backend IT systems, allowing for seamless communication integration into your daily business operations.

Office LAN connectivity:

  • The software connects to Android mobile phones over the office LAN using traditional SMS gateway system APIs. This ensures secure and efficient communication within your organization, leveraging existing network infrastructure.

Advantages of Ozeki Android SMS Gateway

Security of your contact list: Using Ozeki Android SMS Gateway ensures that your valuable contact list remains secure. By sending SMS messages directly from your mobile phone, your contacts stay on your device and are not uploaded to any third-party service. This significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and ensures your contact information remains private.

Broad compatibility: The Ozeki Android SMS Gateway works with any Android phone running Android 9 or later. This wide compatibility ensures that most modern Android devices can be used, making it easy to integrate the gateway into your existing setup.

Cost-effective: Sending SMS messages using your phone’s network tariffs can be very cost-effective. Many mobile service providers offer plans with unlimited SMS messaging at no additional cost, reducing the overall expenses compared to online SMS services that charge per message.

Quick setup: Setting up the Ozeki Android SMS Gateway is fast and straightforward. You can have the system up and running in less than 5 minutes. There is no need to sign contracts with online SMS service providers you only need to install the software on your Android phone, and you are ready to go.

High compatibility with business apps: The Ozeki Android SMS Gateway includes a powerful built-in SMPP server and supports various APIs. This allows multiple business applications to connect simultaneously, sending and receiving SMS messages without interference. It supports HTTP and other APIs, ensuring seamless integration with your business systems.

No Internet required: The gateway operates directly on your mobile phone and does not require an Internet connection. It is an on-premises solution that functions anywhere with mobile network coverage, providing reliable SMS service without relying on an Internet connection.

Operator independence: With the Ozeki Android SMS Gateway, switching mobile network providers is simple and hassle-free. If you find a better plan or need to switch operators, you can easily swap SIM cards in your mobile phone. This flexibility ensures that your business applications continue to operate smoothly without interruptions, adapting quickly to changing network conditions or service plans.

Instant delivery reports: With Ozeki Android SMS Gateway, you receive immediate notifications on whether your messages have been successfully delivered or encountered errors. This ensures you're always aware of the status of your SMS communications in real-time, essential for effective business operations.

Unlimited SMS messages

Single SIM card setup

Setting up an Android SMS Gateway with a single SIM card is ideal for offices needing to send unlimited SMS messages easily. This setup lets office staff send and receive SMS messages using unlimited SMS plans, making communication cost-effective and straightforward. Here is how to start:

  • Connect device: Plug a standard Android phone into your office LAN.

  • Install software: Install Ozeki Android SMS Gateway on the Android device.

  • Insert SIM card: Use a SIM card with unlimited SMS from a mobile network.

  • Configure: Set up Ozeki SMS Gateway to work with the Android device.

  • Keep powered: Ensure the Android phone stays plugged in for continuous service.

  • Test: Send a test SMS to confirm everything is working.

Dual SIM card setup

Using an Android SMS Gateway with dual SIM cards expands capabilities for environments needing extensive SMS usage. Here is how to set it up for unlimited SMS sending:

  • Connect device: Attach a dual SIM Android phone to the Ozeki SMS Gateway.

  • Select SIMs: Use two SIM cards with unlimited SMS plans from a mobile network.

  • Configure: Assign one SIM for regular office SMS and the other for automated SMS.

  • Automated services: Set up services like email-to-SMS or database SMS on the dedicated SIM.

  • Efficient routing: Use SMS routing to direct messages to the right SIM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can SMS messages be sent for free using an Android SMS Gateway?

Yes, you can send SMS messages without any cost if you use a SIM card that offers unlimited or free SMS options. Many mobile network operators provide such SIM cards.

Can I send SMS messages with a phone that has two SIM cards?

Yes, phones with two SIM cards can handle messages for two phone numbers. Ozeki Android SMS Gateway works well with both phones that have one SIM card and phones that have two. When you set it up on a phone with two SIM cards, the software finds both cards and sets up two message connections automatically

Why it good to be able to send unlimited SMS messages?

Being able to send unlimited SMS messages is really helpful because it saves money and lets you communicate freely. You do not have to worry about how many messages you send or how much each one costs, which is great for businesses and anyone who needs to stay in touch with a lot of people. It is efficient because you can send as many messages as you need without any extra charges or limits. This flexibility means you can engage with customers, employees, or friends easily and regularly. Whether yo are running a business or just staying connected, unlimited SMS messaging makes communication straightforward and cost-effective.


In today's fast-paced world, effective communication is crucial, and SMS offers a reliable way to quickly connect with others. The Ozeki Android SMS Gateway app transforms your Android phone into an SMS sender, allowing your Windows PC to send unlimited messages using your phone's SIM card. This capability simplifies communication processes, enabling seamless updates, promotions, and notifications without worrying about message limits or costs. Whether you are reaching out to customers or coordinating with employees unlimited SMS messaging ensures messages are delivered promptly and efficiently.